About Taber & District Community Adult Learning Association

Taber and District Community Adult Learning is one of 130 organizations that support the delivery of part-time, non-formal adult learning opportunities and other supports in over 600 communities across the province.

These organizations are points of entry within their communities for adult learners and play a vital role in helping learners navigate the complex network of available supports and services. The Community Adult Learning Program works with community providers and partners to achieve the following outcomes:

1. Adult learners are proficient in foundational skills
2. Adult learners participate in further learning opportunities
3. Adult learners navigate the learning system
4. Adult learners benefit from learning opportunities in their communities.

On July 1, 2015, Advanced Education set forth a new set of guidelines for the Community Adult Learning Programs in Alberta. These guidelines have changed some of the programming and services we offer. We no longer offer any General Interest courses. Our focus is now on Literacy and Foundational Learning, which includes Adult Literacy, Family Literacy, English Language Learning, Basic Computer Skills, Numeracy and Foundational Life Skills.