ShopHERE Comes to Taber!


Taber - July 21 2020 | In Canada, small businesses employ 90% of the private workforce, but since COVID-19, storefronts across the country have been forced to close their doors. This is devastating for any entrepreneur and community. More than ever it is vital for our businesses to adapt, and having an online digital presence plays a huge role in this; bringing opportunity for growth, innovation and jobs.

Today, in collaboration with APEX Alberta, Community Futures Chinook is pleased to announce that our region is joining Digital Main Street's ShopHERE powered by Googleprogram. ShopHERE helps small independent businesses, entrepreneurs and artists build a digital presence and can help minimize the impact of COVID-19.

In May, Google Canada announced a $1 Million investment to expand the program nationwide with a pledge to get 50,000 businesses online by the end of the year. By recruiting skilled students from Southern Alberta and across the country, we can build online e-commerce stores for our small businesses at no cost to the businesses.

Our goal is to get 30 of our local businesses, residing anywhere within the Community Futures Chinook Region, an e-commerce store by the end of 2020 and ideally, in time for the holidays. Get your business online - start selling - for FREE!

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What does ShopHERE provide our businesses?
The program provides each business with 17+ hours of FREE hands-on support:
-Their choice of a template online store customized with their information, branding, logo, etc.
-Hands-on assistance setting up and launching their online store.
-Basic training and support covering digital marketing, shipping, and operating their online store

Criteria for Businesses to Qualify:
Businesses can be based on main street, in industrial areas, or be home-based, but they must be a registered business within the boundaries of the Community Futures Chinook region. Have fewer than 10 employees, or fewer than 25 employees if a cafe, restaurant, or bar. Must not be a corporate chain or franchise (although, we can look at these independently on a case by case basis.

We're determined to help local businesses navigate the challenges ahead while making it easier and more accessible to shop local. When our businesses thrive, our community thrives!

Media Contacts:
-Kim Welby (CF), 403-223-2984,
-Wendy Manton (Google Canada),
-Sandra Milne (APEX)

Posted on:
Tuesday, July 21, 2020